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Johnny liberty on reclaiming sovereignty, understanding the true history of American citizenship, money, legal, political, etc… MUST WATCH! Funny how history class never mentioned these things… If you’re interested here’s the book he mentioned and wrote

Jim marrs on secret societies, historical lineage and publicly ignored information. Great lecture definitely going to look at getting his books

symbolism of 12



“Alien Nation” xenomorph lamp by Evil Robot Designs

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just make it mine

i’ll do whatever you want world


make it mine.

This would look perfect next to my bed!

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Waxing and waning of the moon

7 Laws of Hermes Trismegistus

1. Law of Mentalism:

“All is Mind; the Universe is mental.”

The universe works great as a divine thought. It is the mind of a Higher Being that ‘thinks’ and so is everything that exists. It is the whole. All creation began as an idea of the divine mind would continue to live and move and have their being in the divine consciousness.

The matter is how the neurons of a great mind, a conscious universe, and that ‘thinks’. All knowledge ebbs and flows of our mind because we are connected to a divine mind that contains all knowledge.

2. The Law of Correspondence:

“What is above is like what is underneath. And what is below is like what’s up”

The perspective changes according to the reference. The prospect of the earth usually prevents us from seeing other areas above and below us. Our attention is so concentrated in the microcosm that we do not realize the immense macrocosm around us.

The correspondence principle tells us that what is true is also true in the macrocosm in the microcosm and vice versa. So we learn the great truths of the cosmos by observing how they manifest in our own lives.

3. Law of Vibration:

“Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates”

In the whole universe is vibratory motion. The whole is manifested by this principle. All things move and vibrate with its own system of vibration. Nothing is at rest. Galaxies to subatomic particles, everything is moving.

All material objects are made of atoms and the wide variety of molecular structures is not rigid or fixed, but fluctuates according to the temperatures and harmony. The matter is not passive or inert, as we may look at a material level, but full of movement.

4. Law of Polarity:

“Everything is dual, everything has two poles, everything has its opposite. The like and unlike are the same. The extremes meet. All truths are half-truths. All paradoxes may be reconciled”

The polarity reveals the duality, opposites representing the key to power in the system airtight. More than that, are just the opposite extremes of the same thing. Everything becomes identical in nature. The positive (+) and negative (-), electric current, is a mere convention.

The light and dark are also manifestations of light. The musical scale of the sound, the hard versus the flexible, sweet versus salty. Love and hate are simply manifestations of the same thing, different degrees of feeling.

5. Law of Rhythm:

“Everything has ebb and flow, everything has its tides, everything rises and falls, the rhythm compensates”

One can say that the principle is expressed by creation and destruction. It’s the rhythm of the rise and fall, the conversion potential and kinetic energy to the kinetic potential. The opposite move in circles.

It is expanding to reach the highest point, and after reaching its greatest strength, becomes inert mass, a new cycle starting over again, this time in reverse. The law of rhythm cycle ensures that each seeks its completion.

6. Law of Gender:

“Gender is in everything, everything has its Masculine and Feminine principles, gender manifests on all planes of creation”

The principles of attraction and repulsion not exist by itself, but only one depending from each other.Everything has a male and a female component regardless of physical gender. Nothing is 100% male or female, but a balancing of these genres.

There is a receptive female energy and male energy projective, that the Chinese wisdom calls the yin yang.None of the two poles is able to create without the other. It is the manifestation of maternal desire to desire father.

7. Law of Cause and Effect:

“Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause, there are many planes of causation but none escapes the Law”

Nothing happens by chance, because there is no chance, since chance is just a term given to a phenomenon which exists and does not know the origin, ie it does not recognize the law which applies.

This principle is one of the most controversial because it also implies that we are all responsible for our actions. However, this principle is accepted by all the philosophies of thought, from ancient times. Also known as karma.

alteringminds asked: thank you so much for that link! it's just what i needed. i've been struggling with that very same thing these past few months. i've lost the majority of my friends, even my family makes me feel uncomfortable & doubtful about myself. it's nice to see i'm not the only one. <3

It’s totally acceptable, I’ve sort of struggled with the realization that certain people are in your lives for specific reasons and purposes, when that purpose has been fulfilled, it is time for you and them to move forward in this strange yet familiar place. I’ve seemed to lose my best friend, rather funny actually, he became deeply interested into a small denomination of Christianity and I pursued the more esoteric truths to reality. It sucks and I miss him deeply but we there is more important things in life than happiness, that is to go forth and learn like the prodigal son of the bible. I shall be the first of many you shall come across on your journeys, that is something I can promise :)

It is all an illusion, my dear: i’m really tired of this, tired of getting picked on & made fun of by...


i’m really tired of this, tired of getting picked on & made fun of by people i used to be friends with & even the current friends i have left

i’m not trying to victimize myself here, but it’s really getting old

i want nothing to do with them

i just want to find people who are going to accept me…

Perhaps this article may be of interest…


Mandrakes -Naples Dioscurides ~7th century

Man is as though he is an inverted plant, sustaining sustenance from above,  higher dimensions,  or the head.  The kingdom of heaven is in the head. Hence king-dome

"Millionaires don’t use astrology, but billionaires do"

- J.P. Morgan

(Source: mysterium-esoterica)

And from the reservoir of spirit, comes matter…

The physics of Jesus

If there’s one thing we can take from the Jesus story, it’s this…

Graham, talking about the sphinx and the pyramids —> A great source to look into the deeper essence of Ancient Egypt. ps. don’t listen to Egyptologists…

Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of the Gods (by GJT771)




platonic solids

Santos Bonacci going deep!!